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Unlike conservative languages of the family, such as Rgyalrong and Tibetan, which have consonant clusters and final consonants, Naxi, Na and Laze share a simple syllabic structure (consonant glide vowel tone) due to phonological erosion.This raises the issue of how the regular phonological correspondences between these three languages should be interpreted, and what phonological structure should be reconstructed for Proto-Naish.A critical overview precedes each of the four sections (Diachronica, Phonology, Register and Genre, and General).

The word for "ocean" was missing, suggesting an inland location.

Overall, these findings warrant a relatively optimistic conclusion concerning the feasibility of unraveling the phonological history of highly eroded language subgroups within Sino-Tibetan.

; from a German compound of ur- "original" and Heimat "home, homeland") is a linguistic term that denotes the hypothesized homeland of the speakers of a proto-language.

It is the only group to feature an explicit remnant of the laryngeals, sounds that disappeared in late Proto-Indo-European.

It is therefore identified as the first branch, chronologically, which means that the ancestral Proto-Anatolians were first to become isolated from the Indo-European speech community.

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