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The rapidly increasing number of Internet users in China has also generated a large online shopping base in the country.A large number of Chinese internet users have even been branded as having an "online shopping addiction" as a result of the growth of the industry.As of March 2017, there are about 700 million Chinese Internet users, and many of them have a high-speed Internet connection.Most of the users live in urban areas but at least 178 million users reside in rural towns.Most users go online to read news, to search for information, and to check their email.They also go to BBS or web forums, find music or videos, or download files.According to Kaiser Kuo, the internet in China is largely used for entertainment purposes, being referred to as the "entertainment superhighway".However, it also serves as the first public forum for Chinese citizens to freely exchange their ideals.

However, major Internet services providers are reluctant to aid rivals states that 56% of Internet users were male, and 44% were female, and expresses other data based on sixty thousand surveys.Later dominant telecom providers also started to provide Internet services.In 2015 January, China added seven new access points to the world’s Internet backbone, adding to the three points that connect through Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.The majority of Chinese Internet users restrict their use of the internet to Chinese websites, as most of the population has a lack of foreign language skills.English-language media in China often use the word "netizen" to refer to Chinese internet users.

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