Invalidating package

To redeclare or redefine a package, use the CREATE PACKAGE Statement, or the CREATE PACKAGE BODY Statement with the keyword is required.

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The decorated method will take in the name of the module to be loaded as expected for a Note For projects where startup time is critical, this class allows for potentially minimizing the cost of loading a module if it is never used.

This also provides an implementation which is easier to comprehend than one implemented in a programming language other than Python.

Two, the components to implement is returned if no loader is found.

For projects where startup time is not essential then use of this class is heavily discouraged due to error messages created during loading being postponed and thus occurring out of context. This example will show you how to register your own importers so that import will use them (for creating an importer for yourself, read the documentation for the appropriate classes defined within this package): Import itself is implemented in Python code, making it possible to expose most of the import machinery through importlib.

statement explicitly recompiles a package specification, body, or both.

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