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Al Franken’s initial response to the groping allegations against him was a curt, two-sentence statement disputing the woman’s account and saying the photo showing him reaching for her breasts wasn’t as funny as he’d intended.

After realizing that he’d “made the situation worse, not better,” according to CNN’s Chris Cillizza, he later released a longer apology.

Author Matt Taibbi suggests Garner was the victim of “over-policing in black and Hispanic communities” and “racial profiling.” But “police say that they deploy more officers to low-income black neighborhoods because that’s where the crime is” and they “have a strong case.” Because “contrary to Taibbi, the root of the problem is not racist policing, but rather the law-enforcement and order-maintenance mission of the police and the inordinate number of disorderly persons and serious law violators in low-income black neighborhoods.” Yet Taibbi “portrays the lawless in a sympathetic light and the law-enforcers either as thugs or as a kind of border patrol.” Political scribe: Al Franken’s Absolutely Awful Apology Sen.I highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for a resume to be written with expertise, confidence and excellence.If anyone would like to speak with me about her service you can contact me anytime at [email protected] Kamalic — [Note: Steve’s daughter hired me to writer her resume update].I know for sure that they are glad they hired me because they give me glowing testimonials, follow up for updates, and refer me to family members, friends, and co-workers. Ann Baehr, President & CPRW BEST RESUMES OF NEW YORK (631) 224-9300 [email protected] In Profile & Testimonials Served as the Second Vice President and Executive Board Member of the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) from 2003-2005.The NRWA is a 600 member-driven nonprofit organization.

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